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A Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

9 Sep, 2022

The Fintry Trust joins with the nation in appreciation of the life of a beloved monarch. We were fortunate to have in Queen Elizabeth II an example of ideal leadership, which was grounded in a deep faith in the wisdom and guidance of the Divine, and which expressed as dedication to the service of her country, carried out with dignity and integrity. During a life which saw greatness thrust upon her, she did not waver, but maintained a steadfast calm and preparedness to remain constant in the fulfilment of her duty during the often unsettled times which followed.

To live the Ideals in rapidly changing times demands qualities that are changeless: the simplicity of Unity of purpose, the certainty of Truth, a respect for the Good, working towards harmony between peoples and nations, and living and working in the eternal Beauty of an ideal vision. The Queen exemplified all these characteristics in the way she approached the most diverse situations that called upon her courage, tolerance, compassion and generosity. Her tireless work in support of charities has strengthened this spirit of altruism in the public consciousness, drawing attention to the importance of individual responsibility in relation to charitable giving.

The Queen has left a strong monarchy behind. This will ensure that the next generation will be more likely to view this institution with respect, and give support to King Charles III, whose concern for religious tolerance, the welfare of this planet, and for sustainable living are matched only by his love of beauty and the arts. May he rule with his mother’s strength, virtue and wisdom, and may her example shine through all those entrusted with the direction of this most blessed nation.

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