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Wayfarers All

This website is dedicated to the pursuit of goodness, truth and beauty through philosophical and inspirational writings, and through music. It includes the publications of the Shrine of Wisdom, as well as other publications, music and articles. The title of this website, ‘Wayfarers All’, derives from a chapter title of the novel The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. It is meant to suggest that we are all wayfarers, heading toward our destination, which we may not always fully understand or appreciate, traveling along the path which lies before us, sometimes clearly perceived and sometimes only dimly glimpsed, until we have progressed further along the way and new vistas open before our view. And so the journey continues…Visit website.

The Hamblin Trust

The Hamblin Trust is based in Bosham, West Sussex. It continues the work started by thinker and writer, Henry Thomas Hamblin.  It is dedicated to enriching people’s lives through Right Thinking. Today it continues to publish the magazine, New Vision, started by Hamblin in 1921 and has an all year round programme of events. Visit website.

The Temenos Academy

The Temenos Academy is a registered charity which offers education in philosophy and the arts in the light of the sacred traditions of East and West. Its programme includes a Diploma Course in the Perennial Philosophy which seeks to establish a sanctuary for wisdom in the spirit of learning and contemplation. Visit website.

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