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Strategy Plan

The Fintry Trust Strategy 2018-2022 consists of four interrelated pillars: Purpose, Programme, People and Place. These areas were identified through strategy discussions with a group of Trustees, Staff and Fintry Trust supporters in 2017, and support the overarching Vision and Mission of the Trust.

Figure 1. Four Pillars of the Fintry Trust Strategy 2018-2022

The Fintry Trust Strategy 2018-2022 outlines two key areas of work for each pillar, for the next five-year period.


During the previous strategy period Trustees formulated a Dedication, Vision and Mission for the Trust (see above). These have helped clarify the spiritual purpose and core identity of the Fintry Trust.

During 2018-2022:

1.1 The Fintry Trust is focusing on developing its identity around the unifying ideal of Integral Wisdom, as the informing idea of the Trust. It will continue to unfold the understanding and application of this principle, and its relevance to people’s lives today. It will seek ways of inspiring new seekers with the ideals of Truth, Goodness, Beauty and Unity through its Education Programme.3

1.2 The Fintry Trust intends to develop a visual identity (logo) in harmony with its purpose.


The Fintry Trust’s Education Programme serves to fulfill its Dedication, Vision and Mission. It currently provides an on-going and varied programme of study days, retreats, and courses, such as Reading the Mystics, in harmony with the teachings of TUO. The Trust maintains a Library and the Trust’s Shrine of Wisdom publications. It produces a monthly newsletter, and manages social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).

During 2018-2022 period:

2.1 The Fintry Trust will develop its own Foundation Course on Integral Wisdom, with young adults in mind, based on research, partnership building, course development, and grant-raising efforts.

2.2 The Fintry Trust intends to update its website and content management system. This will enable easier processing of online bookings and providing capacity to support future online courses.


As an educational charity, the main aim of The Fintry Trust is to serve its beneficiaries through its educational offerings. It currently embraces some several hundred Fintry Trust supporters. The Trust also includes a small community of tenants living at Fintry. The Trust is governed by a dedicated Board of Trustees, and overseen by a Manager, who superintends the Staff, as well as a loyal and experienced group of volunteers.

During the 2018-2022 period:

3.1 The Fintry Trust focuses on supporting and expanding its community of beneficiaries, and particularly a younger generation of seekers of Integral Wisdom, who are actively exploring new spiritual perspectives and life goals.

3.2 The Fintry Trust also seeks ways in which to make best use of managerial talents, access skills in relation to the community, and ensure sound governance procedures.


The Fintry Trust offers a beautiful and peaceful retreat house and grounds, in a well- positioned location, near London and international airports. It undertakes on-going work to maintain and manage the Retreat House and grounds. It also rents its facilities to other organizations with common objectives.

During the 2018-2022 period:

4.1 The Fintry Trust will complete a multi-functional meeting space for its own education programme, as well as visiting groups.

4.2 The Fintry Trust will conduct an accommodation review, and analysis of asset potential, in order to improve accommodation and meeting facilities for its public beneficiaries.

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