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Covid-Secure Procedures

As the conditions surrounding the coronavirus become more complex, we would like you to know that we are following government guidelines and the advice of Public Health England in dealing with the situation.

The safety of our staff and community and those who visit Fintry is important to us, and having decided to open the Retreat House and the Studio we are taking every precaution to protect everyone using them.

As regards residential groups, Fintry is only taking bookings for personal private retreats or very small groups, where social distancing can be comfortably observed and where guests can be allocated their own bathroom.

We must inevitably rely on visitors to act responsibly and to use common sense to minimise the risk, so it is essential that all visitors have read and understand our policy and procedures.

We have put enhanced health and hygiene measures in place to help ensure our visitors have a safe and enjoyable visit whilst our staff’s safety is also cared for too.

These measures include:

  • Maintaining a strict and enhanced system of cleaning of public areas.
  • Frequent sanitising and disinfecting of all items you may have regular contact within our facilities including banisters, door handles, toilets, sinks, showers, taps and other bathroom surfaces.
  • Ensuring that everyone at check-in is aware of social distancing rules and placing ample signs around communal areas as a constant reminder.
  • Ensuring all staff members wash their hands at regular intervals when on site.
  • Keeping a close eye on all our staff to ensure they are fit and healthy and taking appropriate action if they show symptoms.
  • Ensuring that staff wear face coverings during their shift. This is recommended but remains optional for visitors.
  • Instituting procedures to keep you safe in the Dining Room, for example, providing you with cutlery items which you keep boxed for the duration of your stay, etc. 

You will understand that while we will welcome you warmly, we will not be shaking hands or making any other physical contact, and would ask all visitors to do likewise. And all our interactions with you will be conducted practising social distancing.

Nevertheless we will try to keep these measures as unobtrusive as possible, and will try to minimise contact between staff and visitors, while still providing you with a full service. Fortunately there is plenty of space in both the house and the grounds for people to move around safely.

Our request to you

We would ask all visitors not to come to Fintry:-

if you are showing any symptoms of covid-19.

if you have visited another country outside of the UK within 14 days of your arrival.

if you have been close to someone showing symptoms or have recently self-isolated.

NB If you do need to cough or sneeze always use a tissue where possible or into your elbow if you haven’t got a tissue to hand. Bin the tissue safely and wash your hands thoroughly for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Also we ask that you bring your own hand sanitisers and products in order to maintain your own hygiene levels in addition to those situated throughout the house, and also face coverings.

Wash and sanitise your hands frequently and thoroughly for a minimum of 20 seconds. 

The safety and well-being of our visitors and staff is a priority so if anything needs clarification, please email or ask the duty manager once here. 

We trust that because there are also positive aspects to this difficult period of time, that these will lead to more harmonious relationships between individuals, nations, and the environment within which we all live.


Summary of procedures

  1. Sanitiser stations
    2. Constant cleaning of high touch points
    3. ‘Last cleaned’ charts
  2. Deep cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants and deep cleaning of rooms on check-out
  3. Best practices for public areas
    6. Two-metre social distancing
    7. Decrease of high-touch items and in-room furnishings
    8. New laundry procedures
    9. Increased vigilance and procedures for food preparation, presentation and serving

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