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Cultural Cycles

Cultural Cycles & Climate Change with Paul Palmarozza

Cultural Cycles & Climate Change is a wake-up call for people of all ages and cultures to look more honestly and objectively at the dominant conditions in our society today, the better to decide the way forward. The cyclical view of time, rarely used in the study of history, is based on an assumption that time can be viewed in terms of cycles and that over a period of time there is a general repetition of existing conditions. Such an assessment of historical cycles shows that our current values, attitudes and behaviour were also evident in the past, not only in Western culture, but also in the Chinese, Indian and Arab cultures. The recommended way forward is to bring more quiet time (mindfulness, meditation, silence) into our life to enable us to make better decisions; then to live life according to natural human values, which will naturally lead to a great resolve to serve the common good, with the main need of the day being Climate Change. Now is the time to act in a positive, conscious way.

Speaker: Paul Palmarozza
The stillness of a silent retreat as a young man set businessman, teacher, author and philosopher Paul Palmarozza on a journey of discovery, a journey which uncovered knowledge which could change how we all live our lives going forward. After earning a BS in engineering and an MBA and then working in the computer industry for 8 years, ​Paul came across the School of Philosophy & Economic Science with its practical application of philosophy and blend of Western and Eastern traditions. The encounter changed his life, and he has meditated and taught for the School for 46 years.

Paul later studied education at Oxford University and then started an e-learning business, which became publicly listed on the AIM Stock Exchange. More recently he founded a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, If I can…CIC, who offer online values apps to communicate to people globally the important message about about living natural values. There is an online resource for everyday life ( and another specialising in values for the business world (

Paul’s books on silence and values in business and in life include Principles to Profits (co-authored with Chris Rees), In Praise of Silence, If I Can… Timeless Values for Today and Ethical Entrepreneur. His latest work, Cultural Cycles & Climate Change, is the focus of this session.

Tickets: £10 for an invitation on Zoom



Friday 14 January 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm





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