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Entangled Cultures with Eva Bakkeslett

Meet the fervent microbes inside Eva’s Arctic kitchen, and hear the stories of magic moments, handcrafted tools and fermenting cultures from far-flung places.


Eva Bakkeslett is an artist who explores the potential for social change through gentle actions. By revealing and reclaiming forgotten or rejected cultures and practices, her work directs attention to the entanglements that connects us to the earth as a living organism

Over the past decade she has been exploring how the process of fermentation can make us re-imagine sustainable and thriving human cultures and inspire ways of seeing the many challenges we are now experiencing in the world.

In this online session Eva will give you an insight into her work and thinking, broadcast from the hearth of her home on the beautiful island of Engeløya in North Norway. Here she grows and harvests a lot of her own food while constantly learning more about living and thriving from microbes and worms, animals and birds, trees and the earth itself.


Eva’s Kitchen by French artist and illustrator Sophie Baux


This is a unique chance to see Eva at home and talk with her about her work and living.

See more of Eva’s work here:

Tickets: £10 for an invitation on Zoom


Photo Credit (top): Holly Gable

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