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Fathers and Daughters and the Journey of the Soul

Fairy tales have a magical quality. Few are the children who are not enchanted by the perils and triumphs of their often unnamed heroines and heroes. The spiritual truths hidden and revealed in these tales are often overlooked or unseen, for they have been the safe repositories of metaphysical insights as they have been passed on through the centuries.

In this workshop, we will first consider the narratives of fathers and daughters as illustrated by tales such as Cap O’Rushes and other stories of the Cinderella type. The ways in which the layers of truth within the tales may be unfolded will be approached interactively. Later we will turn to a traditional story immortalised by Shakespeare – namely King Lear. The ageing king, with his three daughters and his journey into the wilds and madness, follows a fairy tale pattern. It also conceals and reveals deep spiritual truths.

Murray Morison spent his working life in education and management consultancy. His abiding interest has been how the spiritual finds expression in the temporal domain. He retired to Greece where he deepened his research into Greek myths, a life-long passion. He is the author of two books of visionary fiction. He now lives half the year in London and half in Crete, pursuing his writing and poetry.


  • 10.15 Arrival and Coffee
  • 10.30 Morning session
  • 12.00 Lunch (please bring packed lunch drinks provided)
  • 13.30 Afternoon session
  • 15.00 Tea


Saturday 15 February 2020


10:15 am - 3:15 pm



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