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A Pathway Through the House of Flesh

Tuesdays 6th and 13th August 2024

Do we know what a human being is? In this two-part series, we will explore this question by starting with the body, the physical aspect of each human being and the register of our life experience.

We will consider how the human structure and physiology mirror the laws and patterns observed in the cosmos, and how different cultural and religious traditions depict the body symbolically in order to open the consciousness to numinous ideas.

Keeping in mind that the body is an extraordinary vehicle which holds the simplicity and complexity of the soul’s purpose, we will use certain exercises of self-touch and observation to understand how the body can be a ‘turning point’ of the soul towards the fulfilment of her inner potential.

For to live in the mundane or terrestrial world is to have a body and we are changed by our bodily experiences in the mundane world.

Jane Pittsinger has practised Physiotherapy for more than 50 years, having graduated from the (Royal) London Hospital. She has taught in different settings and worked for the betterment of people of all ages with many types of physical problems in several countries including the UK and USA. She is a teacher and practitioner of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement in the Bay Area of San Francisco. She has studied the perennial philosophy for many years and her deepest interest lies in understanding what true healing is.

Theresa Garcia came from the corporate world to dedicate her career for the last several decades to the Rosen Method. She is a Senior teacher of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement at the Berkeley Center in Berkeley, CA. and has taught internationally. She believes in the power of this method to reawaken the innate integrity, aliveness and balance of one’s interiority in a way that unwinds the habits that have been getting in the way. Her wish is for all beings to experience a life full of ease, aliveness and peace.

Theresa and Jane have collaborated in the teaching of Experiential Anatomy and other Rosen Method presentations. They both had extensive experience learning from Marion Rosen, the pioneer of this method, until her death in 2012.

Tickets: £25 for an invitation on Zoom. Tuesdays 6th and 13th August 2024​. Book with the link below.

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Tue 06 Aug 2024
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A Pathway Through the House of Flesh. Tuesdays 6th and 13th August 2024.

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Tuesday 06 August 2024


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