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Nanna Borchert

Indigenous Wisdom – outdated or relevant for us today? With Nanna Borchert

In today’s world, many are keen to base their lives on science. While science has brought us a long way as modern societies, the consequences of this way of approaching life has also got us into serious trouble.
Why look back? Does indigenous wisdom have anything to offer to find a way forward?

Nanna will share stories about working with indigenous women inventorying plants in Alaska, as well as working closely with Sami people in Scandinavia. By cooperating closely around plants, she has been introduced to indigenous wisdom and spirituality and was able to witness their close connection to life. The wisdom shared with her was about way more than plants, it was how we relate to life, about the art of listening, the art of waiting, the art of caring.

Nanna is an ecosystem scientist with a passion for life in all its shapes, colours, sounds and scents. Exploring traditional ecological knowledge together with indigenous peoples in different parts of the Northern Hemisphere enriched her life beyond words. When she teaches about medicinal plants and holistic health today, she seeks to weave together these complementary knowledge systems: natural science and the lessons learned from wise women like Edna, Dolores, Greta, Robin and others. She loves the challenge that comes with the fact that the latter knowledge cannot be imprisoned in words, it demands presence, humility and openness.



Monday 17 January 2022


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm





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