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Mindfulness and Compassion in a Turbulent World – All 4 Sessions

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your own suffering, or the suffering in the world? Human beings have always faced challenging times, individually and collectively. When living with uncertainty, fear, self-doubt, shame, loneliness, exhaustion or loss, we need to find ways of taking care of ourselves, and others.

Learning to be kind to ourselves and our world through compassion practices is a key to transforming suffering. Mindfulness and Compassion are seen as inseparable dimensions of awakening, and like the two wings of a bird, when they are unfurled in their fullness and beauty, we can soar and be free.

Science also reveals that compassion practices have a number of health and wellbeing benefits including, such as lowering stress and depression, strengthening the immune system, and improving recovery from illness. They help balance the energies of our body, heart, mind, and will, allowing us better understand ourselves, and others.

Sessions will last about 90 minutes starting at 7pm UK time, every other Monday evening, from 25th October – 6th December 2021.

Registration includes the following 4 Zoom sessions:

25/10/21: 1. The Healing Joy of Cultivating Compassion
8/10/21: 2. Self Compassion
22/11/21: 3. Compassion for Others
6/12/21: 4. Compassion for the Wider World

See programme page for full details.

Programme cost – All 4 Sessions:
General: £35
Under 35s: £18


Monday 25 October 2021 - Monday 06 December 2021




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