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Mindfulness and Compassion in Times of Conflict – Free Online Session

Ongoing wars are weighing on many people’s minds and hearts.

The loss of life is devastating, and witnessing the suffering is almost unbearable.

Many people have strong views about the conflicts, many feel helpless and don’t know how to respond.

It seems important to bring our awareness to this, in whatever way we can. Can we join together to extend compassion to our own communities, to the communities in all parts of the conflict, and to ourselves?

An Invitation:

The Fintry Trust is hosting a free Zoom mindfulness and compassion session, led by Sally and Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, on Sunday 12th November at 7pm (UK time).

The first 30 minutes will be a meditation inviting us to notice what is arising, and the second half will be small group conversations.

It will be in the spirit of Thich Nhat Hanh’s poem, Please Call Me By My True Names.

There is a place for debate. However, if you want to discuss politics, this session is probably not right for you. But if you want to feel, to listen, and join together in solidarity to hold and to extend compassion, and come please join us.

This session is open to everyone, including those without any experience of mindfulness meditation, as well as those who are participating in the Fintry Trust’s Mindfulness and Compassion course, available on our Integral Wisdom site.

Date and Time: Sunday, 12th November 7pm (UK time). 

To keep the meeting secure please do not share the link publicly.

Tickets: Free for an invitation on Zoom


Sunday 12 November 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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