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No More Dying Then: with Philip Marvin

The final line of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 146 “And death once dead there’s no more dying then” can, as so often in Shakespeare, resonate in many ways, evoking various levels of meaning. What is at the heart of that phrase? What does Shakespeare reveal and reflect about this question of ‘death’ in his poems and plays and how does this impact on the evolutionary journey of some of his major characters?

What in turn does this tell us about our own evolutionary journey towards authentic identity and Self Knowledge? We all face the inevitability of physical extinction but is there a Life beyond life to be discovered in the here and now and can Shakespeare’s works help reveal this to us?

Philip Marvin has been a student and teacher of Shakespeare’s works for over 30 years. His approach has always been inspired and informed by a broad, practical background in non-dual teachings, in particular Advaita Vedanta. Thus he emphasises the different levels of meaning hidden in these inspired texts and their dynamic potential to awaken and enliven the soul through a poetic current of measured sounds, rhythms and sheer imaginative power. In Shakespeare’s mirror up to nature we may see and feel ourSelf anew, rescued from an all-consuming drama by a play within a play.

Tickets: £12 for an invitation on Zoom


Friday 17 March 2023


6:00 pm - 7:15 pm





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