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The Pursuit of Spirituality with Julie Parker

The New Year is a natural time to take stock of our lives, and for many of us to question our purpose and mode of life. Many of us may wish to be more ‘spiritual’ and more at ease with ourselves. But it is possible to pursue spirituality without feeling ourselves to be any closer to understanding it, let alone exemplifying it. Indeed, such a pursuit can leave us feeling confused and ‘dispirited’.

In this session we will spend time considering what bearing ideas such as spirituality and wisdom have on our own everyday life, on our family life, on our inner life.

Together we will read some short philosophical and religious texts (sent in advance) and discuss them in an open and unhurried way.

As we go along we will try to clarify ideas such as spirituality, wisdom, gnosis, and at the same time give ourselves a working definition of our own human nature and where we stand in relation to the Divine and to the universe.

Factilitator: Julie Parker 



Tuesday 05 January 2021


7:00 pm - 8:15 pm





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