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The Mysteries of Isis

with: Frances Eley, Lecturer Classics and Archaeology, Open University

St. Mary’s Bay Village Hall, Jefferstone Lane, Kent TN29 OSW (ample free parking)

This illustrated presentation and workshop (with short break included for refreshments) will examine the myths and Mysteries of this widely revered Goddess, tracing her origins and Myth in Egypt and Her welcomed transition into the Classical world. There will be opportunities to reflect on the available archaeological evidence and close study of Apuleius’ ‘Metamorphoses’,
considering symbolic and ritual elements for what they tell us about the worship and initiatory rites into these Mysteries, and how this Mystic tradition related to other Mystery religions of the Mediterranean World.

contact: for further information and to book your


Saturday 26 October 2019


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


St. Mary's Bay Village Hall

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