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Thinking and the Paradox of Truth with Murray Morison (2 Sessions)

Living in an era of fake news and conspiracy theories, we might wonder if we can ever know the truth. If truth is the correspondence between our thinking and facts or reality, then it is with reality that we will have to start.

Sound thinking rests on clear principles and we will consider these principles and what they mean. By the end of the course we may be a little closer to answering the questions: “Of what can I be certain?” and “How do I know I really know what I know?”

We will draw on contemporary thinkers as well as the deepest insights offered by Tradition and Wisdom Teachings.

Facilitator: Murray Morison

Murray is a novelist living in Crete. He has been a keen student of Ideal Philosophy for most of his life and worked both as a teacher of psychology and as a management consultant. His current novel, appropriately titled “The Man Who Knew Everything”, is scheduled for publishing in 2021.

Monday 13th and Monday 20th July 2020
19.00-20.15 BST (11.00-12.15 PST)

Course fee: £20 for 2 sessions (using Zoom)




Monday 13 July 2020


7:00 pm - 8:15 pm





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