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Zhuangzi: Daoist stories for joyful living with George Thompson

Zhuangzi, born around 300BC, was one of ancient China’s greatest philosophers and a foundational thinker of Daoism. He shared his ideas through parable. To learn with Zhuangzi is to enter into a mystical world where talking trees and benevolent bandits become your gurus. These characters offer us a different way of living: one where we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we relax into enjoying the here and now. Join George Thompson as he retells these ancient stories and explores how we can apply their wisdom to help us live more harmoniously with people and planet today. 

George Thompson is a filmmaker and disseminator of Daoist philosophy: the way of nature. His films on YouTube have gained millions of views and 150k+ subscribers. Over the past 4 years he has studied in the Wudang Mountains, China with his Tai Chi Master, Master Gu. George’s videos and teaching are grounded in his experience being a young person trying to work the world out. He shares the ideas that helped him, and could help us collectively, find a more balanced way of being.

Ticket: £10
Under 35s Discount: £5



Wednesday 15 September 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm





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