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Integral Wisdom

A new online learning platform by The Fintry Trust

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What is Integral Wisdom?

Integral Wisdom is the new online learning platform created by The Fintry Trust.

We are developing a range of courses in integral wisdom which you can take in your own time and work through at your own pace. These courses are complementary to The Fintry Trust’s live offerings.

Integral Wisdom courses draw upon the world’s wisdom traditions – ancient and modern – to explore perennial Ideas and Ideals and their relevance today. The platform provides access to inspiring courses, talks, guided meditations and more.

As a learner you are guided through carefully crafted modules where you can track your learning progress and obtain certificates of completion. The platform provides you with ample opportunities to interact with a learning community and module tutors.

Integral Wisdom is for seekers from all walks of life who are looking to explore timeless questions. You will be encouraged to expand your mind, open your heart, serve the good, live joyfully and reconnect to the divine mystery.

By signing up to Integral Wisdom, you are able to purchase new courses as they become available and can re-visit this material through your online account as many times as you wish.

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Learn more about Integral Wisdom programmes, now live and launching throughout 2022-3

Myth, Mind and Magic

Delve into the hidden meanings behind key mythologies and examine their connection to consciousness, universal experience and the Deep Traditions which have guided mankind since the most ancient of times. For a limited time access the first module of this new course for just £1. Learn more at

Mindfulness and Compassion

Transform suffering with practices on Mindfulness and Compassion, inseparable dimensions of awakening which balance energies of the body, heart, mind and will, helping us to thrive and care for ourselves and others. Launching 2022.

The Harmony Series

Explore intriguing new ideas for personal and planetary regeneration in The Harmony Series. Consider how ancient and contemporary wisdom can help us to begin to heal relationships between humans, nature and the Divine. Launching 2022.

The Dream of the Cosmos

Reconnect with a deeper reality than the one we inhabit in this physical dimension of experience, and to explore the questions “Who are we?”, “Why are we here, on this planet?” and “What are the historical and psychological causes that have shaped our present view of reality?” Launching 2022-3.

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