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Alison has been an osteopath for over 30 years, and is now a trainer of osteopaths. In this interview she talks about how she became an osteopath, about the history and development of osteopathy, and about its inner meaning and relationship to spirit.

1. Becoming an osteopath and commonsense healing (3:16)
2. Osteopathy and spirituality (4:07)
3. Vitality and facilitation (4:20)

Medicine, Volunteering and Music

An interview with Dr Heinrich Goschenhofer, who has a family GP practice in Bavaria. He talks about his work as a doctor, his experience leading a group of hospice volunteers, and his interest in music.

Interview with Heinrich Goschenhofer (6:09)

Music Therapy

Jessica Webster is a specialist in music therapy and works with children who have emotional and psychological difficulties. In this interview she talks about her work, and in the video on the left she plays one of the instruments she uses for therapeutic purposes.

Interview with Jessica Webster (6:08)

One Healing Force

Dr Maeve McKeogh talks about medicine and healing in a spiritual context.

1: Medicine and the Scientific Method
2 (starts at 13:14): Integral Therapy: Body, Soul and Spirit
3 (starts at 19:47): Mind and the Emotions
4 (starts at 23:50): Forgiveness and Negative Emotion

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