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Mindfulness & Compassion in a Turbulent World

An online course you can take in your own time

A one-off purchase of Mindfulness and Compassion gives you lifelong access to lessons, guided meditations and practices for mindfulness and compassion that you can take in your own time and at your own pace.

This course is available on Integral Wisdom – The Fintry Trust’s online learning site

People have always faced challenging times, individually and collectively. Learning to be kind to ourselves, and the wider world, through compassion practices is key to transforming suffering.

Mindfulness and Compassion in a Turbulent World responds to the S.O.S of our times: the suffering of ‘Self’, ‘Others’ and the wider ‘System’, and helps us reconnect to a deeper healing presence in life.

It will help you learn how to alleviate emotional suffering through self-compassion practices; how to nurture others through extending circles of care; and how to cultivate compassion for all beings including the earth.

The curriculum consists of five modules, containing concise lessons on different aspects of mindfulness and compassion. It includes over three hours of guided meditation practices, across the different modules.

Know Yourself: develop a greater awareness and understanding of your thoughts and emotions to help you stay calm and resilient in challenging times.

Nurture Kindness: discover the many benefits and transforming power of compassion for yourself and others.

Practice for Good: develop a regular meditation practice to lay the foundations for long-term mental health and wellbeing

Reconnect to Presence: cultivate a profound sense of connection with your deeper self, others and the living earth.

Regular: £45.
Under 35 Discount: £35

About Integral Wisdom

Integral Wisdom is The Fintry Trust’s new online learning platform, offering courses, talks and guided meditations, which draw on the world’s wisdom traditions, both ancient and modern, to explore perennial Ideas and Ideals and their relevance today.

Integral Wisdom courses are complementary to the existing offerings by The Fintry Trust.
You can access the library of Integral Wisdom courses at any time on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

About the teachers

The course is led by Jean-Paul and Sally Jeanrenaud, Fintry Trust teachers and qualified Mindfulness instructors, registered with the Yoga Alliance UK, who follow the UK Good Practice Guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses.

To register please visit where you can create your account and purchase courses as they become available.

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