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The Divine Pymander of Hermes Trismegistus


Ancient Egypt was the cradle of human wisdom and Hermes Trismegistus was one of the first teachers of mankind. In this volume, the basic ideas which underlie all knowledge of reality are set forth, with their inter-relationships. This Hermetic Wisdom unfolds the most profound mysteries in philosophic terms.

The treatises ascribed to the legendary Egyptian hierophant Hermes Trismegistus have exercised a profound influence on seekers from late antiquity to the present day. The many profound truths which the Hermetic writings contain are not easily recognizable from a general reading of them in the form in which they are usually presented. This book, revised and now with original translations by the editors, attempts to systematize these truths, and to unfold their significance. It is arranged according to the Ideas of God, Cosmos and Man, which comprehend all that is, and which are the most primary and fundamental truths contained in the Hermetic writings. This threefold distinction represents a way of thinking about reality which is both simple and comprehensive, and which possesses real explanatory power. The Hermetic teachings as a whole represent truth imparted by Intellect (Nous) to the hungry soul. They are the soul’s own heritage, freely given to all who aspire, for they come from within its own depths.

ISBN 9780900664045 (cloth £12.00)

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