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Francis, Mary and the Language of the Cosmos

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Saint Francis famously affirmed the value and meaning of Nature as Theophany. The aim of this session is to show how the Image of Mary is inseparable from the early Franciscans’ understanding of the goodness of the Cosmos and how this vision has been lost in the west. If we can escape the modern failing of literalness, we may see the Image of the Cosmos as it was seen in the 13th century. This understanding has meaning today, whether we enjoy seeing the world in terms of Images, or Icons, or simply as the working of Love.

Andrew Baker is a retired librarian, a composer and historical researcher. He has spent many years investigating Thomas Anson of Shugborough Hall, Staffordshire, and his influence on the 18th century Greek Revival in the Arts. This has led him the rediscovery of Anson’s friend, the composer Antonin Kammell, and to the philosopher Floyer Sydenham. In his compositions Andrew explores the language of music, and he explores the Spirit of Place in films with music.

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