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The Orphic Mysteries

In this session Peter and Sarah Dawkins will bring different perspectives to the important subject of the Orphic Mysteries.

Peter will look first at the connection between these Mysteries and the landscape of the Rila and Rhodope Mountains (present day Bulgaria), where it is believed that they originated.

Orpheus is seen as the great Reformer of the Dionysian Mysteries, and it is thought by some that Jesus and his disciples were Orphic initiates and masters. In this light Jesus is considered to be the second Orpheus who reformed the Orphic Mysteries further.

Through Paneurhythmy, a system of meaningful exercises, developed by Peter Deunov, Sarah will then show us something of the deep connection between the Rila Mountains and the Orphic-Christian Mysteries.

peterPeter Dawkins is a philosopher, writer, lecturer and teacher involved in the wisdom and mythology of the mystery traditions and their association with chakras (zodiacs) and energy systems in the landscape and nature generally. He has been leading geomantic mythological pilgrimages for over forty years, and is involved with meditation, ritual and healing. He is founder and principal of the Francis Bacon Research Trust, co-founder and elder of Gatekeeper Trust, and partner with his wife Sarah of Zoence Academy.

SarahSarah Dawkins has been exploring the wisdom traditions, concepts of pilgrimage, and our relationship with Nature for over forty years. She is trained in Feng Shui, and learned meditation and healing with the White Eagle Lodge. She has danced Paneurhythmy since the 1980s, and travelled to the Rila mountains, where it was first brought to the world by the Bulgarian mystic, Peter Deunov. Paneurhythmy is a form of meditational dance, with immense wisdom woven within it, which Sarah often incorporates in the pilgrimages and events which she helps lead.;;

Tickets: £10 for an invitation on Zoom. Book with the link below.


Saturday 20 April 2024


6:00 pm - 7:15 pm





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